LBLs are a real value-add which are cost effective and provides a unique opportunity to increase engagement with the physician and help in refreshing the memory and keeping alive the sales campaign. We provide our clients, creative and conceptual graphics to promote their range of products.

Here are some of our designed Literatures / LBL's.
Conceptual leave behind designed for anxiety & depression brand named Etola containing Etizolam 0.5 mg.
Conceptual lbl designed for fungal infection brand named Acbro containing tebinafine250mg.
Conceptual literature designed on hypertension for brand named Atelol containing atenolol 50/100 mg.
Conceptual leave behind designed for brand named Calzan containing Calcium 50mg + Vitamin D.
Conceptual lbl designed for brand named Hair Dil containing Minoxidil 0.5%.
Conceptual literature designed on pain & inflammation for brand named Axir Gel.
Conceptual leave behind designed on infections for brand named Farokem containing Faropenem 150/200 mg.
Conceptual literature designed on immunity for brand named Colmune oral spray
containing colostrum 30mg + Multivitamin + Multiminerals.
Conceptual literature designed on GI infections for kids brand named Dylact.